water damage clearwater

Water Damage Clearwater

Living in Clearwater on Florida's Gulf Coast means beautiful beaches and sunshine. It also means your home and business is at risk of water damage. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and even afternoon rains can cause flooding. Whatever the cause of water damage, Guardian is here to help.

When to Hire Water Damage Experts

Water damage from a broken pipe or bad storm can cause serious problems in your home. The effects of water damage include soaked furniture, peeling wallpaper and paint, damaged electrical appliances and wiring, and mold growth. The CDC says mold presents a serious health concern, as prolonged exposure to mold can cause respiratory problems, infections and allergic reactions.

If your home or business sustains serious water damage due to a flood, plumbing break or sewage backup, it is impossible to fix the problem on your own. Secondary damage can start occurring 24 hours after the initial flood or pipe break. Call Guardian immediately and our certified experts will get started right away.

The Professional Touch

Hiring Guardian offers many advantages that will make getting your life back together easier and faster including:

  • Top-quality technicians: Guardian's certified technicians have experience with water damage remediation in all types of homes. It takes an expert to know which materials can be dried in place, which need to be removed and which need to be replaced. Our team is trained to remove the guesswork from dealing with water damage and get you back in your home faster.

  • Cutting-edge equipment: Removing water from carpets, walls, and furniture is impossible without the right equipment. The Guardian team is ready with water extractors, industrial drying equipment and much more. Trying to get the job done without the right tools can take 2-3 times longer, giving dangerous mold and bacteria time to grow and spread. Guardian gets the job done right.

  • Insurance experts: Dealing with an insurance company can be complex. We here at Guardian are used to working with insurance pricing and will make sure there are no surprises for you.


Water Damage Restoration Services

Guardian Restoration is there through the whole process of recovering from a disaster for homeowners and commercial properties. From the first damage assessment to drying the last carpet, we've got you covered. Our professional water damage restoration services include:

  • Moisture Detection: using the latest tech to determine the extent water damage on your property.

  • Water Extraction: commercial-grade extraction equipment pulls water from carpet fibers and furniture quickly.

  • Wet Building Material Removal: Some building materials can't be saved after a major water event. We know what has to go.

  • Hardwood Floor Drying: our technicians are experts in drying hardwood floors without warping or damaging the surface.

  • Fast Structure Drying: get back to living or working like normal quickly, with the peace of mind knowing you're free from mold.

  • Document Drying: just because it's paper doesn't mean it's gone--our team can safely dry legal documents and other papers.

  • Water Damage Repairs: repair cracks in walls and floors and get your home or business looking like new again.

Clearwater, Florida


Clearwater, Florida is a destination known around the world for its sunny weather and white beaches. Those lucky enough to call Clearwater home cna spend the entire year relaxing on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Clearwater offers a rich culture of historical sites, great dining, and public art. Sports fans can catch a Philadelphia Phillies spring training game at Spectrum Field. The city also offers access to world-class golf courses and a vibrant downtown area.