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Water Damage Sarasota FL

Talking about water in Sarasota, Florida, it is so tempting to imagine hot waters of the Gulf of Mexico washing your feet as you are standing on a beautiful sandy beach. Nevertheless, water is not always as pleasing in Sarasota - severe summer storms and regular water damage events often have devastating and frustrating consequences. To make water damage just a temporary issue, call professional water damage restoration company as soon as you spot the damage.


Guardian Restoration Services provides Disaster Restoration Services 24/7 and is ready to address water damage in Sarasota FL quickly and professionally.


Why You Need Professional Water Removal


Water removal is the first step in water damage restoration. It is essential that water removal and drying are performed by certified water damage restoration professionals using professional equipment. There are several reasons why.


First, even in case of minor clean water damage event, high risks of secondary damage can occur. Cleaning up water on your own, you cannot remove all the water. The liquid spreads instantly to all the crevices in your home or office soaking building materials and increasing the level of humidity. Combine this with warm to high temperatures characteristic of Sarasota FL, and you will have the ideal conditions for mold to start growing. This way, if you clean the visible water, but let most surfaces dry on their own, you risk getting into another trouble, as dangerous fungi start growing immediately after water damage.   

Second, dealing with water damage on your own is only acceptable in case you contact clean water. For example, water from a broken tab or a burst pipe is considered clean. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to come in contact with category 2 gray water that is contaminated with chemicals (e.g., flood you can have after your washing machine breaks up). What is more, it is forbidden to contact category three black water (e.g., sewage water or flood damage) without personal protective equipment; this water is contaminated with dangerous toxins. Simple water removal is not enough to address the consequences of water damage here - all surfaces need to be inspected for mold and professionally disinfected.

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Floods in Florida


Unfortunately, floods resulting in the most dangerous, category three water damage is rather frequent in Florida. Flash flooding and river flooding is not the only problem. Flooding often causes massive flows of debris, mud, and branches as strong winds overthrow trees and large areas of soil remain bare after wildfires burn away all vegetation. Storms can also cause dam or levee breaks posing the threat of even more significant flood damage.  


Ones of the most significant floods in Florida history are:


  • Cape Sable Hurricane of 1947

  • Hurricane Dora of 1964

  • Okeechobee Hurricane of 1928

  • Tropical Storm Debby of 2012

  • Tropical Storm Fay of 2008,

  • Tropical Storm Michael of 2018 


Unprecedented category four storm Michael made a catastrophic landfall on Florida on Oct. 10, 2018, with top sustained winds reaching 155 miles per hour. In some locations, rainfall from Michael topped 6 inches, causing massive flooding. Although no one expects the return of anything close to Michael, one of the worst storms the Florida Panhandle has ever seen, monster storms are expected in Florida each year during the hurricane season starting June and finishing towards the end of November. Although no one can predict the actual timing or severity of a storm in Sarasota, it is always better to be prepared - have flood insurance and know your preferred flood damage restoration contractor.  

Sarasota, FL


The city of Sarasota has more than 53,300 residents. Sarasota is renowned worldwide for the sandy beaches of the islands separating Sarasota Bay from the gulf - Lido Key and Siesta Key. Having hosted performances of Tommy Dorsey, Will Rodgers, and Elvis Presley, and boasting a great number of musical, dance, artistic, and theatrical venues, Sarasota remains a consistent cultural mecca.



Guardian Restoration Services has been performing water damage restoration in the Sarasota area for more than a decade. We are familiar with the structure of local homes, businesses, and properties. Call our water damage experts for professional and immediate response.