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Water Damage St. Petersburg

Do you own a home in St. Petersburg FL and it recently had water damage? Guardian Restoration Services will help you with the water clean up process all the way to the water damage repairs from beginning to end. Our goal is to make this difficult time as stressfree as possible. 


Water Damage Services


  • Water Damage Restoration

  • Water Removal & Extraction

  • Structure Drying

  • Contents Cleaning

  • Wet Building Material Removal

  • Moisture Inspections

  • Anti Microbial Spray

  • Water Damage Repairs


If you start to see signs of water damage in your home you should be very proactive not to make the issue any worse. When water sits it can start to rot the wood, warp floors, and cause mold to grow in a short time as quickly as 48 hours. Best practices say you should see where the cause of the water damage is coming from and stop it first. Then you should begin the water restoration cleanup process, anything over 100 sq. ft. should be completed by a professional restoration company.  A professional water removal company will have the correct expertise and equipment for the handling the job. 

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Water Removal Company


There are many benefits to hiring a professional restoration company, some include the experience of mitigating the water damage issue in St. Petersburg FL and other are around the experience of working with the insurance companies. Here is a brief list.


  • A restoration company will have certified technicians on staff to properly remediate any water damage at your home. This can be particularly important when dealing with many different types of building materials in a home. Some are easier to dry in place, some should be replaced and knowing the difference can dramatically reduce the cost of the water damage restoration and the time.

  • Insurance companies are unique to work with, just hiring a carpet cleaning, builder or general contractor doesn't mean they have the experience of tearing out a home with water damage and working off the insurance pricing. Guardian Restoration Services can.

  • Proper equipment, without the proper equipment you can get the job done or it may 2-3x as long. Working with a professional restoration company the water restoration process is much faster. 

  • By hiring a professional company, this frees up your time to complete more important items in your life. Let the restoration company manage your water loss, your time is valuable.


St. Petersburg Florida


Along with beautiful,  award-winning beaches, St. Petersburg is home to the world-renowned Salvador Dali Museum, top-rated restaurants, and beautiful Fort De Soto Park. The waterfront escape is a perfect family getaway with so much to explore!

St. Petersburg, which glimmers between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, is known for its warm weather and for holding the title of “most consecutive days with sunshine” at 768 days!