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Water Damage Tampa FL

Tampa's water is just like anywhere else; it can cause more damage and be more devastating than most people think. Many people believe that the water will eventually dry, and they won't have an issue in their home or office. Unfortunately, water can have a significant effect on the structure and contents in your home. Water damage can lead to black mold and wood rot if you don't respond and start work quickly when spotting water damage


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What Is Water Restoration


Water damage restoration is the process of removing water and moisture from a structure and drying the building materials back to its original dry standard. The dry standard is what the moisture content is in a building material at its original state. The typical standard moisture content is between 10-16%. 


Water Process


  • Water removal of standing water

  • Building material removal of saturated items

  • Containment set up the affected area

  • Air quality measures put in place

  • Dehumidification for drying the water damage area

  • Water Damage Repairs

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Drying Your Home


Drying your Tampa home has a lot more involved than you might realize. It's not only about putting in dehumidifiers, and air fans and then your property will be dry. There are a number of factors to consider, such as:


  • Which materials should be removed, or kept in place to dry

    • some building materials will dry fast; others will take so long to dry it makes more sense for time and cost to remove and replace

  • Which contents should you move because if they are in an area of too much heat, it will damage them

    • over-drying can also cause damage to the structure, such as the molding

  • How far has the water spread - which areas need drying

  • Are the affected areas back to its dry standard


Restoration professionals in the Tampa area dealing with water damage have to moisture map the areas affected by the water. Moisture mapping is done so we can track the drying progress from one area to the next. In a water loss, the origination point is typically going to be more saturated and thus taking longer to dry. If you don't map out the wet areas in the home how will you know when to remove drying equipment in one area versus another. A proper drying project would result in daily moisture checks with drying equipment being pulled as each area dries. 

Water Damage Repairs


After all the water removal, tear out,  and drying of the structure is complete, water damage repairs is next to complete the water damage restoration project. Guardian Restoration is a licensed general contractor and can work with your insurance adjuster and you from beginning to end to make your water damage repairs project one seamless process. By being a restoration professional and licensed contractor, that makes us more familiar with insurance pricing and more flexible when it comes to starting and completing projects. One disadvantage other contractors, builders, and handymen have when attempting to repair a home after water damage is; 


  1. Not familiar with insurance pricing

  2. Schedules are typically booked, can start repairs fast enough  

  3. Not all contractors have experience or enjoy working in a home that is occupied. Moving contents and working with a homeowner's schedule can be a challenge. 

  4. Most contractors aren't familiar or have experience in air quality control, which is important. 

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Guardian has been performing water damage restoration in the Tampa area for more than a decade. We understand the structure of the homes, businesses, and properties located in the area. The city of Tampa has more than 380,000 resident who calls it home. Guardian is a local company who participates and gives back to the local Bay Area community.